Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System Review

By now, most of us are familiar with the Clarisonic...and at $140 for the Mia, most of us cannot afford it.  Introducing, the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System!
This retails for $29.99 (but if you are ordering online, look around for coupons b/c I got mine at 20% off).  I know people have said this sells out quickly in stores, but online, you can probably get it a bit cheaper with coupons.

What you get in the box: the cleaning system (complete with on/off button and two-speed button), brush head, Exfoliating Cleanser (less than an oz), and a battery (it is battery operated, which I love that I can keep it near my shower and not have to charge it).
The refill brush heads retail for about $9.99 when you need to replace it...I have no idea how often you would replace it.  I was guessing similar to the time you would replace a loofah.

I cannot compare this to the clarisonic as I can't see spending that money, but I'm loving this product!  The first time I used it, my skin felt unbelievably smooth (and I was a skeptic of this).  I've never had smoother skin...ever.

I have dry skin and somewhat sensitive, so I use this every other day or everyday if it's a day I work out and have more sweat and oil.  The first night I used it, I thought it was a bit harsh, but you definitely get used to the cleaner and it's not pulling at your skin.

Also, make sure to have all your hair back!  Nothing was less fun than my hair getting caught in the twirling brush head when it slipped from my pony tail.

Can you use this with other cleansers? Yes! You can use any cleanser, but I recommend an exfoliater for the days you want to deep clean.
I have sensitive skin, will this work?  It depends on the degree of sensitivity.  My skin got a bit red the first time I used it, but it doesn't anymore, and it feels almost therapeutic
Do you like the cleanser?  The cleanser I didn't have a strong love or hate.  It's alright.  I didn't sense miracle results because of the cleanser, so I'm sticking to my own.  I will use up the tube, but I won't repurchase it.
How long have you tested it? 3.5 weeks so far
Would you buy the Clarisonic? After using this, no.  I've thought about it in the past, but if you are like me and skeptical of handing over $150, try this one to see if you even like the concept of the product.
Where do I find it? Drugstores, Ulta, Wal-mart, Targets, etc. You can also try the online websites or buy from ebay or amazon, but those sites are over-pricing it right now due to a sell-out in many stores.  But I haven't had any problem finding it in stock online.  Just look where ever Olay is sold.


  1. This sounds amazing! I'd get it if Olay didn't test on animals!

  2. @Vintage: That is true. I always forget Olay is part of P&G. Hopefully now that drugstore lines are making these products, another one that doesn't test on animals will make it as well.