Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dupe for Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara with Too Faced Pinpoint and Loreal Telescopic

Clinique bottom lash mascara is everywhere now.  The small brush is perfect for getting those tiny bottom lashes, but the cost is $10 for .07 oz which is fairly expensive for how little product you'll get.  While you won't use it that often if it is only for the bottom lashes, here are some better values
Too Faced Pinpoint Lash Injection is a great alternative.  It's priced at the same $10, but you get .13 oz (it's the travel size).  The brush is still small, however, if you don't want to travel with 2 mascaras, you can also use it on the top lashes.
The smaller brush makes it easier to get the smaller lashes.
Twice as much product as the Clinique brand with awesome staying power.
Loreal Telescopic is another great substitute.  You may need some practice with the "spikey ball" applicator, but after a few tries, it is easy to control and even better costs under $10 at the drugstore for .27 oz. And you can most likely get it on sale or with a coupon. Bonus: you can also use it on top lashes and get into corners.
Bottom lashes with pinpoint lash injection.

Overall, I like the idea of Clinique's bottom lash, but for the cost, I feel that you can find other substitutes that work just as well.  Also, for me, I'm not generally wearing mascara on my bottom lashes at my day job, so I can't justify the cost, so I would rather use that extra money towards a high end foundation or eye shadow.


  1. Thanks for the review! If you're looking for a cheaper alternative...maybelline has a mascara with a really small brush...I think it's lash discovery. It's even cheaper than the Loreal. =D

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