Monday, May 16, 2011

NYX 12-Hour Sale Fail

I grabbed my coffee and logged on to facebook, already seeing fans swarming NYX's fanpage with excitement over the 12-year anniversary sale where select items were $1.20.  Twitter was also abuzz with shopping excitement (my sale announcements are usually on Twitter under MakeUpChicBlog if you are interested).

3:00 EST, I'm ready to go! But wait...where is the page?  I just have a white screen.  Refresh. Nothing. Refresh. Nothing. REFRESH. REFRESH. REFRESH.

No one could get on to buy anything.  Servers were crashing and the NYX team promised they were working on it.  After hour 3, that cup of coffee became a glass of wine and I must say, I had a bit of fun reading comments from other makeup fans (and posting a few of my own).

Now, 19 hours past the "12 hour sale" time and I still have bought nothing. The page is still crashing for most of us, which has made for some very angry NYX fans.  I've never had this much trouble shopping online.  I know people have mentioned trouble shopping MAC coveted collection sales, but I have never had a problem getting my hands on the products.

In the end, NYX has announced a 50% off coupon that they will be announcing. 

I'll admit, I was up to 10:30 PM EST trying to log in.  About every hour I checked to see if anything was happening. 

I do think NYX needs to get a grasp on it's technology and that they weren't prepared for the amount of users hoarding their site, but there are shoppers that spent hours trying to access the site, only to end up angry and put off.

Honestly, I would never say this makes me want to boycott a brand.  Do I think NYX was unprepared? Absofreakinglutely.  Hopefully it was a learning experience for them and next time, they will be better prepared.  But right now, I think the brand has some CYA to do with some very upset ladies who just need a jumbo eye shadow pencil!

Ironically, all the time I spent waiting....I realized that I don't even use half the NYX products I own.  However, I will admit the products I was waiting for were the blushes (creme or powder) and the eyeshadow trios.  If you waited for this sale, post below how long you waited and what products you were dying to get your hands on.


  1. I answered you on my blog, but I thought I'll say sth here as well ;)
    I absolutely agree this whole thing is an unbelievable tease and NYX should've known better. I mean come on - this sale was just of a "too good to be true" kind and I'm not surprised everybody (including myself) went crazy about it. Yesterday night my hubby managed to order some items for me (no idea how he did that), today I've been trying to order some more for FOUR HOURS now and the freaking checkout complete page just won't open :/ The very last step ... I'm insanely frustrating and don't wanna give up, but how long can I go refreshing this one freaking page like a maniac ?!?! Ugh, my frustration levels are peaking ...

  2. I was online for most of the 24-hour time period, while watching TV, doing some work, etc. I was finally able to add items to my cart, but was unable to ever get to the checkout screen. I was pretty put off with the NYX rep who was manning the Twitter account. Telling everyone to be patient and keep trying when the site was clearly not working was not the right way to go. It remains to be seen how the remedy this, but if they don't do something appropriate, I will not purchase any more NYX products. There's a whole lot of good stuff out there, with vendors who want to take our money!

  3. @Anon. That is horrible. I feel like there wasn't compensation for the time a lot of us spent waiting for the site to work or staring at a checkout screen. And I agree. I had posted that Sephora had the jumbo eye pencils on sale for $4 and that you save 12% (ends today) by going through ebates. Pretty good deal, I'd say. Plus, my NYX pencils crease something awful!

  4. you can read my blog for my thoughts on this

    I was frustrated with the technical issues with the site but, they lost me promoting their brand by the way they responded to their customers.