Thursday, May 5, 2011

Michael Todd Purple Eye Shadow Well Palette Review & Swatches

As I've said in my Michael Todd Creme Glace review, I'm loving Michael Todd lately! Minus that whole can't purchase in stores thing...Anyway, I picked up the purple well palette off of Hautelook for about $25 (these retail for $48 on the MT site and you can customize your 3 shades for the platte).  The palette is purple, comes with a full size mirror and shade "squares" that you can pop out.

One of the best features is that you can see the shadow names through the back without ever opening the case.  It's also helpful if you decide to change up the order of your shadows or switch palettes.  These only come in 3 and 6 pan sizes. You can also put blushes in of the same size, so if you were traveling, the 6 pan palette is great b/c you can get a lot of products in one.
Left to Right: Yummy Mummy (lavender Frost), Deep Heather (Matte), and Lady Luck (deep wine Frost)

The shadows have good pigmentation, especially Lady Luck.  In the photo, I do have a primer on my arm b/c Yummy Mummy was too light to show on my camera.  A little bit of fall out with the Yummy Mummy shade as well.  No problems with the others.

Here's a look at the palette without the shadows popped in.  Mine is the 3 hole palette (it may look like 6, but it's the mirror reflection).  It also has room for a travel brush.  Hautelook did not supply the brush, but the MT site does give you one.

Back of the palette.  This palette is very sleek and shiney (hence the huge glare).  One thing I dislike is that the labeling is off.  While it doesn't distract from the product, I like labels to be straight and orderly and Lady Luck is angled...which is really distracting me now!

Final Grade (1-5): 4.  I would repurchase the palette.  I love the Deep Heather shade and it's great in the crease.  However, again, the online swatches on the MT site are not great.  Yummy Mummy online I feel looks more pigmented than it actually is.  I recommend looking for swatches before ordering unless you are a huge fan of a group of colors.  You could end up with something that you don't love. 

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