Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MAC Surf, Baby! Haul

MAC collections generally come out in stores on Thursdays, but this time it came out on Wednesday at certain MAC stores (not the counters).  I dropped into MAC on my lunch break and given it's a small store, it was packed, so I went past all the girls looking to swatch and try on makeup and headed to the register.  For collections, I pre-shop.  Here's what I picked up...
I picked up the Eyeshadow in Swell Baby (mid-tone gray, satin finish - $15.50), My Paradise Cheek Powder ($28), and Hibiscus Cremesheen Lipstick ($15.50).  Prices are a dollar more b/c of limited edition packaging.  I'm actually not a huge fan of the packaging.  The boxes are cute, but the white-ish gold containers aren't my thing.

Most likely to sell out: My Paradise Cheek powder. It has the gold over-spray similar to Marine Life last year (any MAC fan will remember that fiasco).  The powder is buildable to your desired liking.  But it looks so pretty I don't want to touch it!

Another that is likely to sell out quick: Hibiscus Lipstick.  MAC describes it as a bright orange coral, but I definitely get some red vibes as well from this (picture is probably showing it a bit darker than it is...stupid palm pre).  This is a limited edition color (but we all know MAC loves a good repromote).

Overall, I got what I wanted from the collection.  I always pass on the polishes b/c I'm not much of a nail polish person, especially at that price.  The lipglasses are fairly dupe-able and the bronzers didn't seem to want to be friends with my skintone.


  1. Great haul, I look forward to reviews!

  2. I went to mac today and was bummed...I SO wanted the hibiscus lipstick but I found it to be a bit too red for me. I tried it on and just wasn't liking it. Waaahhh lol. I had wanted the blush, but I am just not a fan of the gold overspray. But it is so darn pretty! I hope you like your goodies!! =)

  3. I know what you mean about hibiscus. And I definitely do not think MAC's online description of it is accurate at all.

  4. nothing ever sells out at my MAC store,
    but this blush is gone.
    Im glad the girls there know me so they saved one for me :)cute haul

  5. Great haul! I too picked up Hibiscus and My Paradise. I thought Swell Baby was cute too but I already had something that in my opinion was similar.