Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wet n Wild Color Icon Collection and Glassy Gloss

Disclaimer:  I was lucky enough to win Vintage Makeup's giveaway with Wet n Wild for the Color Icon Collection in Blue Had Me at Hello.  They also sent me 6 (one pink one not pictured) Glassy Glosses and a nice note.  Thank you to Vintage and Wet n Wild! The contest prizes do not influence my review.
I haven't been able to find the 8 pan shadow collection in any of my drugstores, so I was excited to receive this collection.  I have the little trios and the 6 pan ones, which I already love.
The colors are gorgeous and range in finish.  There is a tutorial and words imprinted on the shadows for beginners.  But these are just suggestions, not guidelines!  I was instantly drawn to the teal color which I think is absolutely gorgeous and reminds me of a color Urban Decay would have.

The colors are greatly pigmented and blend well.  The are soft, but not to the extent of fall out.  Here they are swatched with no primer on my arm.  They still stand out very well.  My favorite is still the teal because it's a great bright color.  Also, it's a great color to get b/c if it's something you may not wear a lot, why spend $15 on a MAC shadow when you could get this whole collection?

Next were the glassy glosses which I didn't swatch b/c I feel they are similar to juicy tubes and meant more as a gloss than for color payoff.  I wouldn't rush out to buy the whole collection.  If you are a lip gloss junkie, I would say just having one would suffice. But I don't think you need to run out and buy it.

The finish is nice and "glassy". I don't find the formula to be overly sticky. There is a nice amount of shimmer in some of them and they avoid the dreaded overly glittery effect.  Overall, I like the gloss, but I probably wouldn't repurchase it on my own b/c I have so many similar glosses to use up including ones from NYC which are similar.


  1. Thanks for reviewing them! I've never tried the glosses, but I do have all three of the color icon collection palettes. :)

    The Comfort Zone palette is my fave of all of them! I'm so glad you enjoyed the palette.

  2. I wish I could find that palette!!