Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jesse's Girl Nail Polishes - Youtuber Julie G's Collection

JulieG713 is hands down one of my favorite youtubers, so when she announced that she was going to have a limited edition line at Rite Aid with Jesse's Girl, I had to check out the polishes.

I ended up picking up JulieG (the first shade she had, NOT part of this collection) and Stiletto (collection).
One thing I didn't care for was that I paid $3.99 for limited edition Stiletto and $2.99 for the regular collection.  My Riteaid did not have the special edition products priced as it was a stand-alone display, so I'm disappointed that they chose to raise the price a dollar.  While "it's only $1", I just don't think Jesse's girl polish competes well enough to be that price. I kept the polish b/c I do very much like the color, but I won't purchase anymore from the collection b/c of the price increase.
Stiletto is a purpley gray.  It's a great neutral color and amazing for fall (although, I'd wear it year round).  I've already said I'm a sucker for taupes, greys, and purples, so this color is a dream for me.  You'll need at least 2 coats of this.  I did feel like this formula felt different from the other polish, but then again, it is probably much newer at my Rite Aid.
JulieG is an amazing coral shade.  I've collected quite a few coral colors this summer trying to find the *perfect* coral.  This is one of the top contenders.  You do, however, need 2-3 coats of it. I also like it layered over OPI's I Eat Mainely Lobster.

Overall, it's cute packaging.  The color selection is great and for $3 I'm all about it.  But $4, I'd have to reconsider because I know I can get the NYX polishes on Cherry Culture for cheaper or Milani polishes for almost the same price.


  1. Julie is one of my favorite youtubers as well! How cool of you to support her :)

  2. I have followed her for years now! I love the second shade!

  3. Yeah I have only two jessie's girl nail polishes, I'm not a fan of their quality.