Thursday, September 8, 2011

MAC Me Over Street Cool Shadestick

*Blogging from being trapped in my apartment!  I can get outside just streets down from me are closed due to insane Mother Nature flooding the East Coast.  If anyone else is in the flood zone, stay safe!  I just found that the amusement park we all went to in college is completely destroyed :( At least there are good memories!

Now to makeup.  I love taupe.  Anything taupe. So, it's no surprise that the only item I picked out from the MAC me over collection was a purple taupey delicious color.
The color is great and you can blend it out as I have on the left, but you need to work more quickly because it dries quickly.

These have great pigmentation and depth to the color, but I will say there is tugging on the eyelid when applying directly from the the stick.

My next issue is CREASING.  I read the review on Temptalia saying they didn't crease, but for me?  Crease city!  Using a primer, it works great.  But without a primer, it creased within 3 hours.  Definitely not an attractive look.

I do think the shadesticks are overpriced at $17.50 for 1.5 g of product, so I probably wouldn't purchase any other shades.  It's nice to have, but for me not a necessity. I will use up the product, but I wouldn't purchase back-ups or even miss it when it runs out.  It's just the taupe that draws me in!

Grade: 2.5/5
Repurchase: No
Best for: Can be used for day or night, but make sure to use a primer!


  1. Yeah, MAC can be a little overpriced and overhyped sometimes huh?
    We had some flooding here too, what is wrong with mother nature trying to destroy the east coast? Tsk tsk tsk!

  2. Pretty color......too bad it creases so much.