Wednesday, September 28, 2011

MAC Mattene Lipstick vs. Sephora Matte

 I love a pinky nude lip. So, when MAC released it's new Mattene lipstick in the Posh Paradise collection, I knew Naked Bliss would be the color for me.  But, I had just recently purchased a Sephora Mat Lipstick in Mat 03, so I thought a comparison is in order.

In the pick above, Sephora is on the left, MAC on the right.  You can tell that the MAC version is very pigmented and offers much better coverage.  However, if you are looking for something more sheer, the Sephora version may be for you.

There's also the issue of cost.  Each is 5 grams and MAC costs $14.50 and Sephora costs $12.  At that price, I'd still go with MAC because for $2.50 more you're getting a better pigmentation.  HOWEVER, I did get my Sephora lipstick (check your local stores, ladies & gents!) for $3!!!  If you were thinking of purchasing one or the other and it came down to $14.50 or $3, then I'd opt for Sephora.  But I don't think the sephora version is worth $12.

(MAC on left, Sephora right) The packaging inside is nearly identical, but the tube for MAC on the outside has a matte kind of feel (similar to the NARS packaging).  It's definitely a step up.

One thing I did find odd was both lipsticks have little bubble pockets on the side.  Is this just a matte lipstick thing? 

Either way, the MAC formula is less drying than Sephora.  It is still drying after 2 hours, but it's an improvement in comparison to other mattes.  Overall, no regrets on the MAC purchase and I'm satisfied with the product.  I'd recommend the MAC version over Sephora unless you can get the Sephora version on sale.

MAC wins: packaging, pigmentation, staying power
Sephora wins: Sale Price, wider color selection, always available (MAC is limited edition)


  1. You're right, if I couldn't find the Sephora one cheaper than regular price, I'd also go for the MAC one!

  2. It is weird about the bubbles!

    I really have no idea if it is a matte thing.

    Both of them look lovely!

  3. I like them both, but I actually liked the sephora lipstick better, typical me also picking the odd one out hahaa.

  4. Thanks for sharing,
    I think I will do a quick run At Sephora's see if they have it on sale :)

  5. $3 for the Sephora one is a sweet deal!

  6. Wow! the colours are so pretty! If only my lips are not sensitive to mac lipsticks, I'd purchase it! Followed you now.. x

  7. Thanks! I thought they were very similar.. I picked up the Sephora lipstick whilst on holiday as we don't have a Sephora in UK. So very happy that we have MAC.

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