Monday, April 18, 2011

Michael Todd Creme Glace Review & Swatches

Michael Todd cosmetics were my biggest surprise this year.  I've never bought the products until I stumbled upon them on and found my new love.  Since then I've bought glosses, lipsticks, blush, primers, bases.

The Creme Glaces come in a tube like a lipgloss with a doe-foot applicator, but they are much closer to a liquid lipstick.  If you remember back when Almay had Whipped Glosses, this is very similar, but more pigmented and longer lasting.

I picked up 3 shades which cost $17 each (for 7g), but I paid between 7-9 on hautelook.  I have 2 in the newer packaging and one in the older.  Love the new packaging, it's very chic with the purple cap, blue lettering and silver band.  I think the packaging has been amazing.

I picked these up in Naked, Perfect Mauve, and Bellissima.

Out of all 3, Bellissima is my favorite and I've been wearing it everyday.  Naked was the color I was most excited for, but I find it to be borderline frosty.  For those who want that extra sheen, it may be a go-to neutral with an extra pop.

One of the disadvantages is availability.  Few sites offer the products and no stores around me supply Michael Todd, which brings me to the next disadvantage of the swatches on the Michael Todd website.  I haven't found any of them to be very accurate to the product that you actually get. 

Here's a few swatches I did in natural lighting with a camera setting for pale/baby skin:

Overall, I would repurchase these, but I would most likely stick to hautelook for my purchase because the price was much better.  I think they are worth the $17, but knowing they come on hautelook fairly often, I'd rather wait for the sale.  In comparison to Mac Plushglass or lipglass, I definitely prefer these.  Good range of color, nice pigmentation, good coverage, lasts a decent amount of time.

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