Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 HR Cream Gel Shadow

Tired of hearing about these yet?  For the past few weeks, I have been trying out these little pots of cream eyeshadow.  The second I heard "paint pot dupe", I was all in.

While the packaging is quite similar and definitely a step up, I wouldn't go as far as to say "dupe". For me, paint pots don't crease (I know that for some they do).  The Maybelline shadows are a cream eyeshadow (the name irks me...are you a cream or a gel?). They aren't necessarily meant to "prime" the eye persay.  I found these shadows worked best for me with a primer underneath.
I picked up Tough As Taupe (matte), Painted Purple, and Audacious Asphalt.  If you pick up any, I'd recommend tough as taupe.  The purple is horrible.  I wish I had listened to reviews, but it looked so pretty in the pot!
Sadly, the puple is after me applying 4 layers at which point on your eyelid, it will start looking cakey and some still streaky.  Avoid the purple! Audacious Asphalt I wanted for everyday wear, but for my office, the glitter is too big.  Shimmer is office appropriate, this was not.  I will most likely use this for the evenings.

Here are two of my attempts above.  The top pic, I had creasing, the bottom I had major wear in the crease.  The colors will definitely fade throughout the day.  It's not going to last you 24 hours.  Mine photos were taken after about 7 hours.  I can't imagine these being good for the summer months at all.

Final verdict: I think Maybelline is going in the right direction, but isn't quite there yet.  They stepped up their game, but that purple shadow dragged them back down.  A lot of people seem to love tough as taupe and I think it would be a good call by Maybelline to come out with some more neutral colors in the range.

Overall, like a paint pot, you need to try it for yourself.  Depending on your eyelid skin, it may work great!  My eyelids are generally in the normal range.  Sometimes dry for winter.  But for me, this wasn't a replacement of my paint pot.  I will use what I purchased, but I wouldn't run out to buy more.

Final Scores:
Rating (1-5): 3 (I still think it needs work)
Best For: Those with less oily eyelids or those that don't have many issues with fading or creasing
Where to buy: Drugstores or Super Stores (CVS and Riteaid usually have deals running, so if you are going to buy, I'd wait for a deal)
Best option: Tough as Taupe
Leave it on the Shelf: Painted Purple


  1. I would really like to try these but they haven't reached the UK yet :(

  2. Yep the purple sucked - so pretty though. I am really liking Bad to the Bronze. It is a good 'work' color.

  3. oo wow great review...i never actually thought about it..but great post..