Sunday, February 5, 2012

CVS Milani 75% Off Sale Haul

Hi Ladies!  I wanted to post this right away in case your cvs has the 75% off Milani select products.  My CVS didn't have them marked, but I scanned them at the machine before check out.

I picked up 2 lipsticks and 3 blushes (one is a back-up of Luminous which I already own).  The lipsticks are completely passable.  They were a bit on the drying side, they are shaped odd and they are frosty.  On top of that Sugar Rim has actual glitter chunks in it.  So not the nude shade I was hoping for.
(Sugar Rim and Mystique Mauve)
I couldn't get the glitte3r chunks to show in the picture...but they aren't so flattering.  I will most likely use these as bases for other lipsticks or glosses.  I'm not a fan of the finish as they are.  Too frosty of a look for me.
The blushes on the other hand, I LOVE.  Top is the Luminous one I already own.  I picked up an extra to have a back up.  It's a great shimmery pink-peach that some say is a dupe for orgasm.  I'd say it's a mix between orgasm and deepthroat. The bottom left is Soft Rose.  If you pick one blush, I'd get this one.  Great color especially while it's still winter.  It's matte, which I love.  And last at the bottom right is Mai-Tai a matte true coral.  Can't wait to rock this for spring!

Overall, I'd say the best bets are the blushes and the select nail polishes on sale (I couldn't find any at my CVS that were marked down, but I've tried their polishes before).

Happy hauling!

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  1. wow the blushers looks great and i am in love with the orange one...i really need to get myself one..