Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What's In My January Birchbox

Hi everyone! I've just finished moving out of cube-land at work and am now in a shared office (with a window!), so I'm finally getting back to blogging.  My department now turned into legal, so I moved floors and have a swanky new space.  I'm super excited and hoping this will bring new opportunities at work.

Now, on to makeup!
  1. Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint
  2. Chuao Chocolatier (extra gift) -- chocolate with some heat (not a fan)
  3. Mineralogie Ultimate Cream Concealer (will do a full review but so far not digging it for under the eyes)
  4. Eye Rock Designer Liner
  5. Beauty Blender!
I'm most excited for the beauty blender this month.  I've thought about purchasing it in the past, but could never convince myself to shell out the $20.  So, I was stoked to see this in my $10 box! I had also just bought the dupe at Ulta, so I'll do a comparison.

I'll also do a review of the eyeliner...I'm interested to see if this works!  Like a lot of girls, I sometimes have trouble getting eyeliner just right.  While some are a bit too edgey for my everyday look, I'm excited to try it out.

I'm also not sure why my concealer came with a blemish on it...The full size retails for $16.


  1. O-M-G A BEAUTY BLENDER?!?! now that is too cool. I hope one of the Canadaian beauty box services takes note! LOL Yes do a review. I have also been on the fence about the blender.
    I have never heard of designer liner. Are those actual strips you put on your eye?

    1. can't spell Canadian right LOL got too excited about your Birchbox....O_o

  2. That's a winner box! Enjoy the goodies!

  3. wow the eyeliner thing is very interesting..wow would love to see a review..