Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm Sha-sha-shakin'! Earthquake what?

*DISCLAIMER: This is a personal post, not beauty related*
So, I live on the East Coast and without giving away my complete area, I am in a major US city on the East Coast in a very tall building. Today, we had an earthquake...on the east coast.  I thought I lived over here to avoid them?!?

Anywho, my building shook to the point that my file cabinets were moving and the floor felt like it was "bouncing".  A higher up executive is in an office across from my cube and I just kept saying Oh my god, what is this and he just yelled "GO!".  Cue tons of people running to stairwell.

Enter stairwell.  Mind you I am on the 31 floor.  Meaning, I am now going down 31  You never think going DOWNstairs is tiring until you have to do it for 31 flights.  I ripped off my stiletto by the time I hit floor 28.  And I'm a germaphobe!  But I'd rather have dirty feet than stay in a building.

The problem was my building didn't sound an alarm and we all thought there was either an underground explosion at subway level or that it was some sort of terrorist attack.  No one was thinking "This is an earthquake".

All in all, no injuries.  A building down the street blew out some windows, but my building let people back in.  I waited a fair amount of time before going back b/c I was still shaking!!!  It was incredibly scarey especially if you don't know what happened or what you will face out side.

So, to anyone who felt the quake, I'm with you!  They said the higher up in the building, the more you felt it and that was scary enough for me!!!  Stay safe lovelies!


  1. Oh geez! That must be terrifying! It is so hard to think calmly at times like these. You are brave to have handled it so well. Thank god you are ok and no one got hurt. Looks like you need to treat yourself with a new pair of stilettos :)

  2. I felt that too, and I was really close to where it happened! Earthquakes are common where I come from, so I knew right away what it was, even though they are rare on the east coast. Thank god I was on the ground floor!

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I really can't tell you how much I needed it :) You must be a great friend to some lucky people! :)

  4. OMG, I'm glad to hear you're ok! My girl friend mentioned she experienced one in Virginia. I didn't know the east coast had earthquakes!

  5. Glad you're okay! That's so scary.

  6. wow that sounds really scary! me too i am gald you are ok!!

  7. WOW I am sure glad you and you coworkers are okay. I saw it on the news and was like What? Earthquake on the East Coast?
    That would be scary!

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