Sunday, August 14, 2011

Benefit They're Real! Before & After and a Review

Possibly one of the most anticipated mascaras of the year, it's Benefit's They're Real!  The package claims dramatic length and volume, base-to-tip curl, visible lift, and long wearing results.
The wand is fairly standard until you get to that spiky ball thing at the end.  It reminds me of Loreal Telescopic in that aspect.  I don't care as much for the ending because a lot of product gunks on there.


The results: They're good.  But yes, I still believe those are my real lashes... Also, if you go to apply 3 coats, be careful b/c you may end up with the Lisa Simpson triangle lashes.

That's not to say I don't like the product.  I still like the length and it does seem to curl them a bit (I didn't curl my lashes or put anything on my eye to test it, also wore it for a week straight with no other mascaras).

One of the hugest selling points for this mascara for me is that throughout the work day, I didn't have the transfer onto the under eye area.  I love Too Faced Lash Injection, but damn!  That stuff transfers horribly on me!

Some say they have trouble removing the mascara, but I have been using the NYX makeup remover and it comes off so you may need something more oil based or even baby oil itself.

Price: $22
Grade: 4.5/5
Repurchase: Yes for the no-transfer quality
Recommend: Not necessarily.  If you are looking for 0 transfer and have the extra income, go for it.  But if you want magic in a bottle, it's not magic.  It's good, on somedays it even applies great, but there are a lot of drugstore mascaras that are also great like CG Lash Blast or Maybelline the Falsies.

*Side bar: TOTAL FAIL to Benefit on that gimmicky packaging!  It looks like an "as seen on tv" box.


  1. Lisa Simpson lashes? hahaha :)

    It makes your lashes look really pretty.

  2. Lol. Triangle lashes. Loved it.
    Haven't tried this yet, but everyone's raving about it.. I don't think I'll give in though :/

  3. LOL Lisa Simpson, funny!
    My friend bought that mascara this weekend. She was like eh. She was mad at herself for spending 20 something on mascara. But she does love the other Benefit products she got.

  4. oo wow great review^^ oo wow same i got it too but i didn't like it that much...but look great one you and i love your lashes they are soo long even with out mascara!

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  6. Honestly after reading all the reviews and knowing how my lashes work. I won't buy this product. I'll stick with my maybelline falsies flared. Just bought it and am totally in love with it!