Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas/Holiday Nail Polishes

During the holidays, one of my outlets in my office is holiday nail polishes.  I don't find a need to run out and buy the newest holiday collection.  In fact the only polish I own that actually is named as a holiday color, I got last week on clearance at Sephora because it's last years collection! (so check your local clearance bins or just shop in January for colors).  Here are my top picks for the holidays! (in no particular order)
Left to Right:
  1. Wet n Wild Crystallic Nail Color in Cool Blue Blast - this is a frosty blue and reminds me of snow, ice skating, and all the things I grew up living in the North East.
  2. NYC I <3 NY - This was limited edition, but any bright cherry red will do.  They have a similar shade in their permanent line and I like the color and staying power. Make sure to use a base code with deep reds so you don't stain your nails.
  3. NYC  Platinum Card - Anything silvery or sparkley? Perfect time to glitter at a holiday party!  This is too much for my conservative office, but it depends on your setting.
  4. Sephora by OPI What's Your Poinsettia? - A deep burgundy with green, red, and gold shimmers.  This is discreet enough to be wearable to office parties and is a change from bright red.
  5. China Glaze Knotty - Currently on clearance at Ultra it's from the summer collection.  It's a light gold with fine shimmer.  I usually use about 3 coats because I like to build it up.
  6. Piggy Polish in Grasshopper - That kelly green you only break out at St. Patrick's Day?  Try it at Christmas!  This shade of green is in a lot of decorations, so polish away!
Knotty by China Glaze (3 coats)

Grasshopper, I <3 NY, Platinum Card, and What's Your Pointsettia?


  1. Wonderful choices! I especially like the poinsettia color :) Cool Blue Blast looks really pretty too.

  2. i love the first one pretty and all the other colours are wonderful too..