Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What's In My December Birchbox?

Reminder: Tomorrow is the last day to enter the Revlon Lip Butter (Plus other surprises!) Giveaway!

And now...onto the Birch Box!
  1. Harvey Prince Yogini Perfume sample
  2. Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Birchbox Pink
  3. Benefit POREfessional
  4. Olie Biologique 004 Huile Moderne (what?'s an oil...thing...for skin, face, and hair)
  5. Bonus: E-boost drink (ummm pass!)
  6. Bonus: Show Stoppers
I'm disappointed about half the items in this box.  I like the gloss and the benefit porefessional, but the perfume does not smell appealing on me and the oil I would only put on my hair.  I'm too afraid of breakouts to put that near my face.  The EBoost drink I find really odd...and it reminds me of airborne mixed with energy drink.  The showstopper tape would be handy but I don't normally wear dresses so low that I need to stick them in place...but it's nice to have it handy in case.

The gloss from Jouer is nice. Ultra moisturizing.  But the $20 for a full size is a bit hefty.  The hot pink color scared me at first, but it's very sheer.
I have about 3 coats on my lips in the above picture and it doesn't look very hot pink.  You can build it up more and get more pink, but I feel like it starts to look sloppy and goopy after doing that for a while.  Not a color I'd recommend running out to buy, but it's nice to have the smaller sample of it.  The gloss isn't sticky at all and it's unscented.


  1. Have you used the Benefit POREfessional before? If so how do you like it?? I'm excited to get it in my box.

    Also, how did the Urban Decay All Nighter do at keeping your make up in place? I've been eyeballing it for awhile now but am afraid to buy it if it doesn't last.

  2. I've had the sample before that I bought from Sephora and I do like it. I just had to get used to the texture. I don't have a lot of bigger pores, but for what I do have, it did help a bit.

    I like the All Nighter Spray--I like the finish it gives on the face. The only other one I tried was an Elf one that I don't think does anything at all.

  3. Good to know about the Elf one. I can't wait to get my December Birchbox, mine is one of those that is late due to that not released perfume.

    Sadly there isn't a referral link to MyGlam. Make sure to add them on facebook as well, they do giveaways randomly. They might not be taking subscriptions right now, but it is worth checking :)

  4. wow very interetsing post is it like glossy box?