Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Revlon Lip Butter Review and Contest/Giveaway!

Hi guys!  Happy holidays!  Sorry for the absence, I was home with my family for Thanksgiving.  Here's my review of the Revlon Lip Butters with a contest for a lip butter in the shade Raspberry Pie (and some other surprises...maybe from the Stila warehouse sale or elf cyber monday? hmmm...)!  Contest rules will be below.

So, Revlon lip butters have been hyped and are still flying off store shelves, but are they worth it?

Short answer: maybe?  It really depends on what you are looking for.  It reminds me most of a glossy sheer lipstick.  If you like typical lip butters (think Korres lip butters), this is nothing like that.  I sleep in my korres lip butters to hydrate them (yes, even the pigmented ones, lol), but these are not comparable.  They also won't stay on for 8 hours while you sleep.  And I don't find them that moisturizing for that long because of the staying power.

These butters are .09 oz (smaller than a MAC lipstick) and cost $7.49, but just catch them at a drugstore sale whenever Revlon products are on sale in order to pay less.  I got it during the buy one get one 50% off and up rewards.

  1. Packaging! You open the tube by a small black square, which can be hard to grab...especially if you just applied a hand lotion!  I've heard this complaint from many others.  Revlon packaging fail!
  2. Staying power.  You have to have the color handy to re-apply
  3. If you want it will lose a lot.  I'm almost already 1/2 way done with Berry Smoothie.  If you think about it, if you are taking 3 swipes to apply it to your bottom lip alone and then 3 on top, you are using that much more product.  So, really, it's going to cost you more in the long run if you are looking for good pigmentation.
  4. It's very hard to tell from the packaging which ones contain shimmer, glitter, etc.  Peach Parfait was too glittery for my liking.
  1. These are a great way to try new colors that you are a bit afraid of.  Want red lips?  Hot Pink?  Try candy apple or cherry tart for red and Lollipop for hot pink! They are more sheer with one swipe or you can build them up.  I'm always iffy about red lips on myself, but I've been loving candy apple and I think these are very wearable.
  2. You won't need an additional gloss.
  3. Want even more pigmentation? Just throw a lipliner underneath (that wasn't really a pro...just a tip!)
  4. The top of the packaging has a little window that you can see what color you are grabbing and the tube color corresponds with the color instead.
  5. They are nice for winter because during winter, lipsticks can be too drying, so this allows you to get pigmentation without having to wear a lipstick and then a gloss.
Overall, I would still repurchase these, but not in the millions of colors that I did or as quickly as I did.  I just get too excited! My top picks are still candy apple and pink truffle (mauvey pink/brown color, great for fall).  I still say Peach Parfait is passable, as is creme brule.  Berry smoothie is nice and an easily wearable pink if you don't want to stray too far from natural lip color.

  1. Must be a subscriber (duh!)
  2. Must comment on this page with what color you are most excited to try and your contact info (either your e-mail, twitter, blog, etc.).  If you need to see swatches of your favorite colors, see my previous post.
  3. Earn 1 extra entry by following me on twitter (MakeUpChicBlog) and retweet my contest post.  Or it's later in the week and you can't find it, just follow me and create your own post linking the contest and using the "@MakeUpChicBlog" so I see it.  For the extra entry just enter an additional post below saying "extra entry" b/c I'll be using to generate for the winner.  (If you don't do twitter, but have a blog, you can substiture either doing a blog post or doing a side link to the contest, just follow the same instructions above with typing extra entry after your post in a separate post)
  4. Contest open til 12/15/2011.  Winner will be announced on the blog and on twitter.  Will contact the winner for their address.
  5. Prize: One tube of Raspberry Pie Lip Butter.  Brand new.  Other surprise goodies as well :)  This contest is open in the US and internationally.  Good luck!
(Raspberry Pie is the color on the far left--lovely berry for fall!)


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  3. Berry Smoothie was an immediate standout for me from your swatches! Anything "berry" is usually awesome ;)

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