Sunday, October 9, 2011

What's In My October Birch Box

So, because I have points worth $20 in my BirchBox account, I decided to give BB a few more rounds while I'm waiting for something I like.

One thing I will say, I love their customer service.  September's box was lost who knows where and BB kindly sent me a new box, no questions asked.  So, kudos to the awesome customer support.

On to the box!
1. Blinc Mascara (tube-forming)
2. Pangea Organics Facial Mask
3. BeFine Lip Serum
4. Orofluido Beauty Elixir (it's a hair oil...I googled it)
Extra: Tea Forte Minteas (totally random...thanks for the candy?)

I'm most excited to try the lip treatment and the mascara.  The hair oil I could have done without b/c I have macademia oil, but it's a nice small size to test out, plus you only use a little at a time to try out.

Also, thanks to my subscribers :)  I reached 50!



  1. I am glad they gave you another box. I am interested in the BeFine lip serum so it would be great if you can make a review of it in the future:) x

  2. Excited to see if the mascara is any good! :) Looks like some nice goodies.

  3. What size is the mascara? It looks a lot bigger than the ones they were giving out last month or the month before. I'm dying to see what I have in my box.

  4. Really want to try that mascara

  5. I will definitely do reviews for you guys! @Lily, yes, it was the full size one this time for me!