Monday, October 24, 2011

Benefits Got Your Ticket to Glossytown

I am a sucker for lipgloss collections.  I've never tried the Benefit Lipshines and they brought out this set (you could get it for 20% off now w/ Sephora's F&F deal if you are in the US).  I love the packaging.  I think it looks very city chic.

You get 6 lipglosses (I lost 1...already...) in .1 fl oz size.  The colors are Life on the A-List, Foxy Lady, Kiss You, Spiked Punch, Nudie Tudie, and So Frisk Me (not pictured).  This retails for $24.
Spiked Punch (orangey coral) is definitely the most pigmented and my favorite out of the bunch.  I've wanted this shade for a long time, but never purchased it.  Foxy Lady is the most shimmery, it's nice for the evening or daytime if you aren't going to work (I'm corporate, so it's a no for me during the day).

Kiss You is fairly sheer for the purple color.  I was afraid of this one, but it looks natural.  It does have a sort of duo-chrome quality under a flash though, so I had to take this pic without.

The .17 lipgloss tubes retail for $18, so for $24 you get to try 6 shades and get more product.  It's definitely a good deal if you have been wanting to try a Benefit gloss.  Or if you have a friend that you won't fight over shades with, you could always go 50/50 and each take 3 for $12.  It would also make a fab holiday gift.

Overall, I like the glosses, but they are not *must haves*.  I probably wouldn't run out to buy more shades, I like the mini-sized ones that I have now.  They are fruity scented and not sticky.  I love the brush applicator (my preference).  I consider this a good-buy and I'm glad I purchased it.


  1. That is a great set of lip glosses! I love minis too, I rarely ever finish a full size gloss. The purple colour looks lovely :)

  2. those are cute shades

    & I prefer mini sized glosses.
    I never seem to finish full sized tubes of gloss


  3. Those glosses are so pretty! Especially the coral one, I do agree that it's a bit pricey though. :)