Saturday, October 15, 2011

New Fall Hair! Samy Fat Foam Review

I wanted a fresh look and I was feeling darker hair (and...ok...I have a few grays!  My family tends to gray in their 20's...and even when I see ONE I freak out, lol).  So, I went to the drugstore and first tried a Garnier dye which made my hair reddish.  UMMMM, NO!  I have no problems with red hair, but that isn't me.  And the box was definitely brown.  However, after talking to my mom's friend who is a hair dress she explained that brown hair dyes contain red undertones and that most likely my hair was reacting to the red in the hair dye!  Wonderful!

I then decided to try Samy Fat Foam to see if I could cover my now reddish brown hair (and oh yes, I sported that look for a few days at work with comments your
I picked up No 5.  This was my first time using a foam dye and the 2nd time I've colored my hair alone.  Normally my sister dyes it in my Mom's kitchen sink.

The product is easy to mix.  Poor in powder and the liquid and shake shake shake!  What I love about this product is the coverage!  I have trouble with the squirt bottle applications because I always feel like I end up with too much on one part of my head and the color is uneven.
Here's the end result!  I'm digging the deeper shade and I love the covereage.  The foam costs about $10 at a drugstore, but check for sales or online coupons because I paid around $6. 

After you dye it there is a shampoo that you use right away.  I was nervous b/c normally you don't shampoo right away!  But I did it and then applied the conditioner.  My hair was super soft.

My hair has now been dyed about 3 weeks and I haven't had any fading (and I'm bad...I don't use shampoo for color treated hair...)
Rating: 5/5
Repurchase: YES!
Recommended for: Anyone that wants to dye their hair at home
Warning: It says do not dye if you have your period.  Um...I've never heard that in my life, but apparently it supposedly has something to do with your iron-levels during your cycle.  If your a guy, you're fine.  If you're a girl...well, I ignored the warning.


  1. Luv the colour, it makes your eyes pop!
    LOL at the warning. I have never heard of that before. Maybe I should read the directions more HAHA

  2. That colour looks amazing on you! And that warning made me laugh so hard, haha.



  3. Hahahahaha. Love the warning! The color looks great on you, doll!

  4. Nice shade! You have great hair, silky and shiny :)
    How bizarre is that warning!