Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sephora Collection Travel Clutch Brush Set Review

What's included:
-Red metallic clutch travel case (zippered close and wrist strap, mirror inside)
-Powder brush (natural)
-Foundation Brush (synthetic)
-Crease brush (natural)
-Angeled eyeliner brush (synthetic)
-Eyeshadow paddle brush (natural)
-Lip brush in metal tube (synthetic)

Cost: $44 ($128 value?) on sale for $17

One thing that stands out about this set is that the crease brush is quite large.  For travel, I'd rather have a smaller crease brush to work with.  The hairs also look like they are starting to splay a bit. All the brushes were wrapper in plastic and two of the eye brushes had a protective hard plastic cover.

I've had minimal shedding if any, but I have only used the brushes for about a week and a half (they have been washed and spot-cleaned during this time)

One of things I love is that each brush has a slot to hold it to the nylon case.  It's more organized than having a jumble of brushes and less bulky than carrying a brush roll.  There is also a nylon flap that covers the top of the brush heads so that there is minimal makeup mess.

Here's the size of the brushes in comparison to MUFE full cover concealer tube.  They are decently sized for travel and have red handles.  Each brush is clearly labeled, so it's great if you are a beginner.

I wouldn't recommend this set for daily use.  I don't think they'd hold up for years of use, but if you are looking for a set to take on weekends away without taking your everyday brushes, this set is great and the sale price is amazing.  

Rating: 3.5/5
Repurchase: Yes
Where to buy: Sephora (online-sale section or in stores)


  1. I was at Sephora today and I was looking at this set as well but I ended up buying a flat eyeliner brush. Now I am wishing I grabbed it LOL! I went a little nuts there today. I only meant to buy the UD primer but ended up spending over $100 Ooops. Great review :)

  2. I love bright coloured brushes! What a bargain, they sound good for the price :) I wish we had Sephora here!

  3. Interesting! You're right, I don't think I would get these for their full price, but the sale price is not bad at all.