Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stila Kajal Eye Liner in Topaz: More than meets the eye

The Stila kajak eye liners are incredibly creamy and have great staying power.  Today, Stila sent an e-mail to their fans with the other uses of these eye liners.  I have compiled my personal list and any that I learned today (will be noted with a by Stila mark) and a quick review.  This is specifically for the color topaz (described as a nude apricot).

1.  Wake up those eyes!: Line inner rims (waterline) with liner for a freshly awakened look.  White eyeliner can be very harsh, so something more flesh toned will not be as dramatic.  In my experience, you will have to touch up if you have a long day, but the wear was about 4-5 hours in the office in my experience.

2.  Bases loaded!: Use the eyeliner as a base for different shadows.  My favorite current pairing is with MAC's naked lunch.  It can really make peachy-colored shadows pop. Note* I still had to prime my eyes first with UDPP.  It's not a substitute for a good shadow primer.

3.  Prep for a Matte Look (by Stila): You can use the liner for prepping a matte look, however, I found it a bit too creamy for that, I prefer to use it for...

4.  Concealer Lips: It's either a look you love or you hate, but you can use this pencil to help cancel out some of your redness if your lipstick is a bit more sheer.

5.  Lighten up!: Lipgloss too dark?  Use topaz liner as a base and apply gloss over it.  I used topaz and Bare Minerals Lip gloss in Pomegranate and the result was a great baby pink color.  So, if you have older products that you don't like anymore, try mixing your colors.

6.  Under-Eye Concealer (by Stila): Stila recommended using this product under the eyes to cancel out blue/purple tones.  In theory it makes sense.  Look at Eve Pearl's salmon concealer or Benefits Erase paste.  The colors are similar.  However, eyeliner and concealer are too different products.  Would I use it in a pinch? Maybe...It would depend on how bad my eyes were.  I wore this all day at the office (applied Primer first) and it creased and settled deep into lines.  I'm not even sure if it just made it worse. As the day wore on, the product seemed as though it was sliding around my face and wearing more in some areas than others.

Overall, I still love this liner for the waterline, occassionally as a base, but not so much for a concealer.

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